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music boxes, jewellery boxes, carousels, ballerina music boxes

Caring for your Carousel

• Be careful winding the carousel and do not force the movement when it becomes tight (about 6 half turns or 3 full turns is fully wound). The spring inside can be snapped if over wound.

• The horses & rods are quite delicate, so please take care not to push or force them as damage may occur.

• The musical movement is sealed inside and should not require any maintenance under normal use.

• To remove dust, use a dry soft cloth or soft makeup brush with NO cleaning solutions or polish. A low pressure compressed air can cleaner (as used for cleaning computers) can be used. Do not use any abrasive cleaners as this may damage the paint finish.

• Store at normal room temperature away from direct sources of heat, sunlight & water.

• Whilst the casting material used is very stable it can move with slight temperature & humidity changes. This can, on occasions, cause small imperfections particularly on joints. This is perfectly normal and has no detriment to the quality, strength or sound of your carousel.


Notes on Water Globes

• Air bubbles within the globe can occur naturally and are perfectly normal. There are various reasons why water globes develop air bubbles and unfortunately there is no way to guarantee your globe will remain bubble free.

• Due to the nature of the 'magnification effect' from the water within the round glass dome, the figure inside may appear distorted at certain angles. This is perfectly normal and is simply the glass dome & water causing a trick of the eye.

• Please be careful when winding the globe from the bottom. They are heavy and if dropped or knocked can break. The spring mechanism can be quite stiff, but do take care not to over wind.


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